RS 922Recreation Swimming Goggles

Sable WaterOptics™ RS 922

Styled for recreational comfort and performance, the Sable WaterOptics922 is ideal for enjoying a wide range of water-related activities.


Lens Styles

  • lightly tinted lenses come in smoke, blue, amber, rose
  • prescription lenses available in all four lens colors!

Optical Clarity

  • Optical precision lenses for clearest vision
  • Aspherical & Flat Lens Technology eliminates distortion typical in swim goggles
  • Hard-coating technology imparts crystal-standard hardness resulting in high light transmission
  • Super Anti-Fog utilizes hydrophilic action to prevent eyewear from fogging up during use

Prescription Lenses

  • Prescription lenses for each eye enable corrections for both near-sightedness and mild astigmatism
  • Full prescription range for near-sighted vision from -1.5 to -10.0 diopters in 0.5 increments, and correct mild astigmatism from -4.5 and above
  • Available with non-prescription lenses (plano)

Comfortable Fit

  • Easily adjusted, non-slip strap results in a snug, comfortable fit
  • Extremely lightweight components deliver durability without excess weight
  • Every frame comes with a selection of narrow, medium and wide nose bridges for individualized fit
  • Soft, ergonomically designed silicone gaskets prevent harmful pressure against the eyes

Outstanding Protection

  • FUBI aquatic eyewear rating for ultraviolet UVA/UVB protection
  • Water-tight silicone seals helps keep eyes from contact with harmful chemicals and waterborne bacteria

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