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about us

Co-Owners Paul and Miriam

Web Designer Rosa

CCOs (Chief Canine Officers) Leo and Hazel


In 1998, I was living and traveling in Asia.  Being a nearsighted (aka myopic) swimmer that wore glasses, I had always struggled with seeing the buoys, the wall, and now my son when swimming.  While browsing in a store in Kuala Lumpur, I found prescription swim goggles.  Not just any prescription goggles, mind you, but the best - Sables!  In 2006 I left my job in banking and have distributed Sable WaterOptics in North America ever since.  

-Paul Lantinga, Co-Owner of Sable Swim LLC, Distributor for Sable Products



The sable is a small mammal found in forest environments in Siberia, North Russia and North Finland.  It was valued in the past for its thick, soft fur and now chiefly survives in the mountains of the northern parts of its former range.  Sables live in burrows near riverbanks and are amphibious with eyesight adapted to be perfect above and below the water.  This unique ability inspired the name of Sable Water Optics.

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