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Swear by your goggles - not at them™

Sable 101 Competition Model
Sable Kids Swim Goggle
Sable Product Specialities
Optical Clarity
  • Optical precision lenses for the sharpest vision in the industry

  • Aspherical & FlatLens™ technology eliminates distortion typical in many swim goggles

  • Hard-coating technology imparts crystal-standard hardness resulting in high light transmission

  • Super Anti-Fog utilizes hydrophilic action to prevent eyewear from fogging up during use 

Prescription Lenses
  • Prescription lenses for each eye enable corrections for both near-sightedness and mild astigmatism

  • Full prescription range for near-sighted vision from -1.5 to an industry leading -10.0 diopters.  It's time you see what you're missing!

  • Different strength lenses available for each eye for better vision

  • Goggles available with non-prescription Plano lenses 


Comfortable Fit


  • Easily adjusted, non-slip strap results in a snug, comfortable fit

  • Streamlined polycarbonate components deliver durability without excess weight

  • Every frame comes with a selection of narrow, medium and wide nose bridges for individualized fit.  Competition models come with 4 sizes!

  • Soft, ergonomically designed silicone gaskets prevent harmful pressure against the eyes

Outstanding Protection


  • FUBI aquatic eyewear rating for ultraviolet UVA/UVB protection

  • Water-tight silicone seals helps keep eyes from contact with harmful chemicals, pressure and waterborne bacteria.  Experience the joy of swimming without leaking!

On the Go
  • All goggles come with an attractive and durable polycarbonate case that travels easy and offers superb protection

Our Professional Materials
  • Our seals and straps are made of top quality naturally allergen free silicone

  • Our lenses and frames are made of shatterproof polycarbonate

  • Our professional coatings come from years of experience in creating precision optics, thus sharp crisp vision and excellent light transmittance are always incorporated into every pair of Sable Water Optics

Our Dedication to Quality
  • All our products are engineered and built by dedicated teams that are proud to make the best swim products on the market.

  • We strive for perfection in everything we do, thus we offer a lifetime warranty on all our frames and straps.  If you have any questions or issues with your pair of Sables, please let us know!  You can email us directly through our Contact page

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