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Recognized by pro and elite triathletes, competitive swimmers, and eye doctors for their precise optics, comfort, and safety - Sable WaterOptics are the best choice for the professional athlete and for the entire team.




Sable WaterOptics polycarbonate construction is chemical-resistant and virtually unbreakable. We offer a limited lifetime guarantee against breakage under normal use. Nothing lasts forever, but Sable WaterOptics Super Anti-Fog lasting power is legendary. With proper care and use, Super Anti-Fog will endure for the lifetime of your Sable WaterOptics aquatic eyewear.

unparalleled visual clarity and comfort.


Sable WaterOptics is dedicated to providing reliable, personal service and is committed to quality and style. We offer extreme quality in prescription and non-prescription aquatic eyewear — in, on, or under water. For more information on the company or regarding retailer opportunities, contact us by email.

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